Pattern Trader Scam?

On the one hand, machine learning (ML) technology is useful for improving the performance of users of this automated trading system. To this end, it sifts through all the data and statistics of all the digital assets.

On the other hand, NLP (Natural Language Processing) and DL (Deep Learning) technologies are suitable for technical and fundamental analysis.

That is, Pattern Trader is committed to detecting qualitative tradable data at a faster pace. For this purpose, it relies on social media posts and news.

Finally, the trading bot is able to decipher charts and detect good cryptocurrency signals in a fraction of a second.

How do I open a Pattern Trader Account?

In order to start trading Bitcoin via this system, it is imperative to create a trading account.

1 – Register on the Pattern Trader website
2 – Make a first deposit into your account
3 – Train in demo mode on the bot
4 – Set up your bot and let it trade
How to open an account with Pattern Trader?
Following this article, you will find details on how to register and trade with Pattern Trader.

Step 1: Open a Pattern Trader Account
First, you need to create a trading account with this software. It is important to remember that this registration process takes no more than two minutes. To do this, visit the official Pattern Trader website.

Step 1: Open a Pattern Trader Account

Once this is done, you will see a registration form available on the homepage. Then the platform asks you to submit the following details:

First name
Last Name
Email address
Phone number
Then click on the „REGISTER NOW“ button.

Important: By clicking the register button, you agree to the Pattern Trader Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions.
Step 2: Make a First Deposit ($250 minimum)
In the second step, you will need to fund your trading account. This step comes after your identity has been verified. In order to trade crypto-currencies on the Pattern Trader platform, you will be required to deposit a minimum initial amount of $250.

In addition, this trading system provides you with several payment methods. Among others, we can mention:

Credit/debit card: American Express, MasterCard, Maestro, VISA
Bank transfer
Electronic wallet

Step 3: Practice with the Demo Account
Thirdly, you can move on to demo trading. After funding your account, it is highly recommended to use the free Pattern Trader demo account.

From here you can familiarize yourself with this automatic trading platform.

Step 3: Practice with the Demo Account