Orchid Price Prediction: OXT Attempts to Cross Upper Boundary for Bullish Move

• Orchid price prediction shows that OXT is attempting to cross above the upper boundary of the channel to hit the higher resistance.
• The Orchid price not staying above $0.11 may ruin the long-term technical picture of the coin.
• Orchid is likely to trend to the upside and a bullish movement above the upper boundary of the channel may likely push the coin to the resistance levels of $0.13, $0.14, and $0.15.

The Orchid price prediction is looking positive as OXT is attempting to cross the upper boundary of the channel to hit the higher resistance. As the price of the Orchid reaches $0.11, it begins to retreat from the upside, however, it is important for the coin to stay above the 9-day and 21-day moving averages in order to guide against the downward pressure. The closest support for the coin is expected at $0.10, which could be a daily low.

For the Orchid to hit higher resistance levels of $0.13, $0.14 and $0.15, it is likely to trend to the upside and a bullish movement above the upper boundary of the channel is needed. On the downside, a bearish movement below the 9-day and 21-day moving averages could stop the initial upward movement and create bearish momentum with the focus to bring the market to the next support levels of $0.07, $0.06, and $0.05.

The Orchid price prediction shows that OXT is attempting to cross the upper boundary of the channel to hit higher resistance levels. This could be a positive sign for the coin as it could indicate that the price is looking to increase in the short-term. However, it is important for the coin to stay above the 9-day and 21-day moving averages in order to stay on track and prevent a downward trend. If the Orchid can cross the upper boundary of the channel and stay above it, it could potentially reach the resistance levels of $0.13, $0.14, and $0.15. However, if the coin is unable to stay above the 9-day and 21-day moving averages, it could fall to the next support levels of $0.07, $0.06, and $0.05.

Overall, the Orchid price prediction shows that OXT is attempting to cross the upper boundary of the channel to hit higher resistance levels. It is important for the coin to stay above the 9-day and 21-day moving averages in order to stay on track and prevent a downward trend. If the Orchid can cross the upper boundary of the channel and stay above it, it could potentially reach the resistance levels of $0.13, $0.14, and $0.15. However, if the coin is unable to stay above the 9-day and 21-day moving averages, it could fall to the next support levels of $0.07, $0.06, and $0.05.

Alameda Invests $11.5 Million in Small Rural Bank Reviving Farmington

•Alameda recently invested $11.5 million in a small rural bank, Farmington State Bank, located in Farmington.
•The town was originally formed in 1888 and the main industry at the time was cattle ranching.
•The bank was founded in 1929 and survived the Great Depression while many other local banks failed.

Alameda recently made an investment of $11.5 million in a small rural bank, Farmington State Bank, located in the small town of Farmington. This town was formally formed in 1888 and was mainly known for its cattle ranching industry. Farmers also had fruit orchards and sugar beet farms, but they were largely neglected by the late 1890s in favor of the development of wheat and lentils. The town started to prosper when the railroad depot, which served Farmington on the Spokane-Palouse rail line, was built. This allowed them to export their local produce, and even attracted former President Teddy Roosevelt to visit the town in 1908.

This success caused the population of Farmington to rapidly increase, peaking at 500 people in 1929. That same year, the Farmington State Bank was founded, but was severely impacted by the Great Depression. By 1940, the population had decreased to 341 inhabitants and further down to 140 by 1970. Numbers have stayed fairly constant ever since. The town is home to a sawmill, buckskin outfitter, lentil processing facility, and the bank, which are the only four companies mentioned in the directory.

It is believed that the bank’s rural roots are what allowed it to survive the Great Depression, while so many other local banks failed. John Widman, the bank’s president, boasted that the institution didn’t provide credit cards, had more deposits than loans, and was never involved in speculative investments. These are all things that allowed the bank to remain in business during the Great Depression, while many others failed.

Now, Alameda’s investment in the bank is helping to revitalize the town and create new opportunities. The bank is hoping to focus on its roots in the neighborhood and providing local services, while foregoing their dreams of cryptocurrency and marijuana. With Alameda’s investment and the bank’s focus on its roots, Farmington is expected to continue to grow and prosper.

Ex-FTX US President Accuses Sam Bankman-Fried of ‚Gaslighting and Manipulation‘

• Brett Harrison, the former president of FTX US, accused Sam Bankman-Fried of “gaslighting and manipulation”
• Harrison was marginalized as a leader while attempting to expand the footprint of FTX in the US
• Harrison’s relationship with Bankman-Fried had deteriorated months before he left FTX US in September

FTX US, the now-defunct cryptocurrency exchange, has been in the public eye these past few weeks due to the financial offenses its former CEO, Sam Bankman-Fried, has been accused of. On Saturday, Brett Harrison, the former president of FTX US, provided information about his time working for Bankman-Fried while separating himself from the disgraced crypto tycoon.

Harrison took to Twitter to make a series of tweets in which he accused Bankman-Fried of “gaslighting and manipulation.” He stated that he was marginalized as a leader while attempting to expand the footprint of the exchange in the United States. Harrison served as the head of FTX US for a total of 17 months, but according to a former high-ranking worker, he threatened to quit the organization in April of last year, after just 11 months in the position. This was due to the “organizational flaws” he saw with FTX’s structure.

In early April 2022, Harrison made a written formal complaint about what he saw to be the largest organizational problem: the lack of clear and consistent communication between the executive team and the rest of the workforce. He felt that Bankman-Fried was increasingly disregarding his concerns and was “insisting on certain decisions that he had no business making.” Harrison further elaborated that Bankman-Fried had a “tendency to micromanage” and that this was causing a rift in the company’s leadership.

Despite these issues, Harrison continued to serve as the head of FTX US for another six months – until September, when he finally decided to leave. However, Harrison claims that his relationship with Bankman-Fried had already started to deteriorate months earlier. He stated that Bankman-Fried was “not providing the leadership and guidance we needed to expand” and that he was “engaging in a pattern of gaslighting and manipulation.”

Harrison’s claims against Bankman-Fried have been met with both support and criticism. Some have praised him for coming forward with his story and have expressed their solidarity with him, while others have questioned the validity of his claims. Nonetheless, his experience with FTX has been a cautionary tale for those involved in the cryptocurrency industry, and a reminder that even the most successful exchanges are not immune to internal strife.

Bitcoin Price Prediction: Bullish Break Above $21K Could Send BTC to $23K

• Bitcoin is currently consolidating and is preparing for a move above the resistance level of $21,000.
• Technical indicator Relative Strength Index (14) is currently in the overbought region.
• If Bitcoin (BTC) can break above the channel, it may reach the next resistance level of $23,000.

The Bitcoin price prediction is currently consolidating and seems to be preparing for the next move above the resistance level of $21,000. Bitcoin (BTC) is currently hovering at $20,869, and the current consolidation pattern is keeping the king coin above the 9-day and 21-day moving averages. However, the technical indicator Relative Strength Index (14) is showing that the market is in the overbought region. This could mean that if Bitcoin (BTC) is able to break above the channel, it may reach the next resistance level of $23,000.

The current support levels for Bitcoin (BTC) lie at $19,500, $19,000, $17,000, and $15,000. If the king coin is able to break above the resistance level of $21,000, it may be able to reach the $23,000 level. This would be a significant move for the cryptocurrency, as it would be the highest level it has reached since November 2020.

The crypto market has been in a state of flux for the past few months, with Bitcoin (BTC) experiencing a lot of volatility. However, with the current consolidation pattern, it appears that the king coin may be preparing for a bullish break. If Bitcoin (BTC) is able to break above the resistance level of $21,000, it could be on its way to reaching the next resistance level of $23,000.

Overall, the Bitcoin price prediction is currently looking positive. If Bitcoin (BTC) can break above the resistance level of $21,000, it may be able to reach the next resistance level of $23,000. However, investors should be aware that the crypto market is very volatile, and the price of Bitcoin (BTC) could change at any time. Therefore, investors should always do their own research before investing in any cryptocurrency.

Nadelen van Distributed Proof of Stake

Distributed Proof of Stake (DPoS) is een nieuw soort consensusmechanisme dat wordt gebruikt door veel cryptocurrency-gebaseerde projecten. Het is een gedecentraliseerd systeem dat gebruikers in staat stelt om hun eigen geld te beheren en transacties te verifiëren. Het grote voordeel van DPoS is dat het energie-efficiënter en goedkoper is dan traditionele consensusmechanismen zoals Proof of Work (PoW). Hoewel er tal van voordelen zijn aan het gebruik van DPoS, zijn er ook enkele nadelen. In deze blog zullen we de nadelen van DPoS behandelen. Een platform zoals Profit Revolution biedt gebruikers de mogelijkheid om te handelen met cryptocurrencies zonder zich zorgen te hoeven maken over deze problemen.

Hogere energie-efficiëntie

Hoewel DPoS energie-efficiënter is dan PoW, is het nog steeds niet zo energie-efficiënt als sommige andere consensusmechanismen, zoals Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS). Daarnaast kan het energieverbruik van DPoS toenemen als er meer gebruikers zijn die deelnemen aan het netwerk. Dit kan de kosten verhogen en de efficiëntie verminderen.

Hogere kosten

Doordat er meer energie nodig is om het netwerk draaiende te houden, zijn de kosten voor het gebruik van DPoS meestal hoger dan die van andere consensusmechanismen. Bovendien moeten gebruikers ook geld uitgeven aan de validators, die de transacties verifiëren.

Kans op centralisatie

Een ander probleem met DPoS is dat het kan leiden tot centralisatie. Doordat validators beloond worden voor het verifiëren van transacties, hebben ze een financiële prikkel om deel te nemen aan het netwerk. Dit betekent dat grote spelers met veel geld de validators kunnen overheersen, waardoor het netwerk minder gedecentraliseerd wordt.

Geen anonimiteit

Een ander probleem met DPoS is dat het geen anonimiteit biedt. Omdat validators hun identiteit moeten verifiëren om hun transacties te verifiëren, is het mogelijk dat hun identiteit bekend wordt. Dit betekent dat hun transacties niet anoniem zijn.

Geen immuunheid voor Sybil-aanvallen

DPoS is ook niet immuun voor Sybil-aanvallen. In een Sybil-aanval proberen malafide validators hun transacties te verifiëren door meerdere accounts te gebruiken. Hoewel er maatregelen zijn om dit te voorkomen, is het nog steeds mogelijk dat deze aanvallen succesvol kunnen zijn.

Risico op een 51%-aanval

Omdat DPoS gebaseerd is op een gedecentraliseerd netwerk, is er altijd het risico dat een groep malafide validators een 51%-aanval zal uitvoeren. In dit type aanval hebben de malafide validators een meerderheid van het netwerk en kunnen ze alle transacties die ze willen verifiëren.

Geen verzekeringsmogelijkheden

DPoS biedt geen verzekeringsmogelijkheden. Dit betekent dat gebruikers geen verzekeringsdekking krijgen als hun transacties worden vervalst of verloren gaan. Gebruikers moeten hun eigen verzekeringen kopen om hun transacties te beschermen.

Geen verzekering tegen dubbele uitgaven

DPoS biedt ook geen verzekering tegen dubbele uitgaven. Als een malafide validator een transactie vervalst, kan hij dezelfde munten twee keer uitgeven. In dit geval zullen de gebruikers de schade moeten dragen.


Hoewel er tal van voordelen zijn aan het gebruik van DPoS, zoals energie-efficiëntie en lagere kosten, hebben gebruikers ook te maken met enkele nadelen. Deze nadelen omvatten hogere energie-efficiëntie, hogere kosten, kans op centralisatie, geen anonimiteit, geen immuunheid voor Sybil-aanvallen, risico op een 51%-aanval, geen verzekeringsmogelijkheden en geen verzekering tegen dubbele uitgaven.

Pattern Trader Scam?

On the one hand, machine learning (ML) technology is useful for improving the performance of users of this automated trading system. To this end, it sifts through all the data and statistics of all the digital assets.

On the other hand, NLP (Natural Language Processing) and DL (Deep Learning) technologies are suitable for technical and fundamental analysis.

That is, Pattern Trader is committed to detecting qualitative tradable data at a faster pace. For this purpose, it relies on social media posts and news.

Finally, the trading bot is able to decipher charts and detect good cryptocurrency signals in a fraction of a second.

How do I open a Pattern Trader Account?

In order to start trading Bitcoin via this system, it is imperative to create a trading account.

1 – Register on the Pattern Trader website
2 – Make a first deposit into your account
3 – Train in demo mode on the bot
4 – Set up your bot and let it trade
How to open an account with Pattern Trader?
Following this article, you will find details on how to register and trade with Pattern Trader.

Step 1: Open a Pattern Trader Account
First, you need to create a trading account with this software. It is important to remember that this registration process takes no more than two minutes. To do this, visit the official Pattern Trader website.

Step 1: Open a Pattern Trader Account

Once this is done, you will see a registration form available on the homepage. Then the platform asks you to submit the following details:

First name
Last Name
Email address
Phone number
Then click on the „REGISTER NOW“ button.

Important: By clicking the register button, you agree to the Pattern Trader Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions.
Step 2: Make a First Deposit ($250 minimum)
In the second step, you will need to fund your trading account. This step comes after your identity has been verified. In order to trade crypto-currencies on the Pattern Trader platform, you will be required to deposit a minimum initial amount of $250.

In addition, this trading system provides you with several payment methods. Among others, we can mention:

Credit/debit card: American Express, MasterCard, Maestro, VISA
Bank transfer
Electronic wallet

Step 3: Practice with the Demo Account
Thirdly, you can move on to demo trading. After funding your account, it is highly recommended to use the free Pattern Trader demo account.

From here you can familiarize yourself with this automatic trading platform.

Step 3: Practice with the Demo Account

Liquidität bei Bitcoin Era

Bitcoin Era-Gebühren
In diesem Teil unserer Bitcoin Era Review UK werden wir jede einzelne Gebühr besprechen, auf die Sie achten sollten, wenn Sie die Plattform zum Kaufen oder Handeln nutzen.

Beginnen wir mit den Ein- und Auszahlungsgebühren.

Wenn Sie Bitcoin Era zum ersten Mal nutzen und noch keine Kryptowährung kaufen, entscheiden Sie sich vielleicht, einen Kauf mit Ihrer Debit-/Kreditkarte zu tätigen.

Dies kann der Fall sein, weil Sie bei https://www.indexuniverse.eu/de/bitcoin-era-erfahrungen-new/ in eine digitale Währung investieren möchten oder einfach nur Ihr Bitcoin Era-Konto aufladen wollen, damit Sie mit dem Handel beginnen können. In jedem Fall unterstützt Bitcoin Era UK sowohl Debit- als auch Kreditkarten von Visa und MasterCard.

Sie werden eine variable Gebühr von 2% zahlen. Wenn Sie also 500 £ mit Ihrer Visa-Debitkarte einzahlen, kostet Sie das 10 £ an Gebühren. Dies ist zwar billiger als die 3,99 %, die Coinbase berechnet, aber der FCA-regulierte Broker eToro berechnet nur 0,5 %.

Sie können jedoch kostenlos Geld mit einer unterstützten Kryptowährung einzahlen. In Bezug auf Abhebungen.

Unsere Bitcoin Era Review UK hat ergeben, dass die Plattform eine Market Maker/Taker-Gebührenstruktur verwendet. Wenn Sie ein Gelegenheitshändler sind, werden Sie als Marktteilnehmer definiert. Das bedeutet einfach, dass Sie die bereits vorhandene Liquidität bei Bitcoin Era nutzen.


Wenn Sie im Laufe des Monats kein großes Volumen handeln, zahlen Sie eine Kommission von 0,1 % pro Slide. Das bedeutet, dass Sie 0,1 % zahlen, wenn Sie Ihren Handel eröffnen und erneut, wenn Sie ihn schließen.

Ein Beispiel:

Sie möchten mit BTC/USDT handeln
Sie riskieren £200 für den Handel – Ihre 0,1% Kommission kostet Sie also 20p
Sie schließen die Position ein paar Tage später, wenn sie 250 £ wert ist.
Ihre 0,1 % Provision für die Schließung des Handels beläuft sich auf 25 Pence.
Wie Sie aus den obigen Angaben ersehen können, ist dies äußerst wettbewerbsfähig und wird nur von kommissionsfreien Plattformen wie eToro übertroffen.

Wir sollten anmerken, dass, wenn Sie ein Guthaben von Bitcoin Era Coins in Ihrer Brieftasche haben, Sie eine 25%ige Reduzierung der oben genannten Provisionen erhalten.

Andere Gebühren
Wenn Sie sich für den Handel mit Termingeschäften entscheiden, zahlen Sie eine Gebühr von 0,02 %, was noch wettbewerbsfähiger ist. Die Gebühr, die Sie für den Handel mit Optionen zahlen, hängt vom jeweiligen Markt ab.

Sie ist jedoch vollständig in der Prämie enthalten, die Sie für den Zugang zu dem Instrument zahlen. Es gibt keine laufenden Kontogebühren bei Bitcoin Era

Debit-/Kreditkarteneinzahlung Handelskommission Futures-Gebühr Optionsgebühr
2% 0,1% 0,02% Variable Prämie
Bitcoin Era-Kauflimits
Wenn es um Bitcoin Era-Limits geht, hängt dies von mehreren Faktoren ab. Wenn Sie zum Beispiel Bitcoin Era für den Handel nutzen und keine Einlagen in einer Fiat-Währung tätigen, müssen Sie sich nicht ausweisen.

Dies begrenzt Ihr tägliches Handelsvolumen auf 2 BTC. Zum Zeitpunkt der Erstellung dieses Artikels sind das mehr als 28.000 £. Wenn Sie dann einige Verifizierungsdokumente hochladen, gilt das Limit von 2 BTC nicht mehr.

Wenn Sie Kryptowährungen mit Ihrer britischen Debit-/Kreditkarte kaufen möchten, können Sie erst dann fortfahren, wenn Sie eine Kopie Ihres Reisepasses oder Führerscheins einreichen. Danach werden Ihre Limits auf dem Bildschirm angezeigt.

It’s possible with a Bitcoin investment

Turn US$10,000 into US$1,200: It’s possible with a Bitcoin investment

US citizens who invested their first April 2020 aid payment in Bitcoin have now turned it into US$10,000.

The Twitter account „$1200 Stimulus Is Now Worth“ tracks how much the first US aid payment, which amounted to US$1,200, would be worth if invested in Bitcoin. US citizens received the Crypto Engine review payment from 15 April 2020.

The passage of the first US$1,200 Corona aid package in April last year coincided with a strong bull run in the cryptocurrency and stock markets.

Bitcoin was at US$6,848 on 15 April. If you had invested that US$1,200, it would now be worth US$10,211, assuming today’s prices of around US$56,000. The return on investment is 751 per cent.

You’d have over $10,000 if you bought #bitcoin with your stimulus check

Check https://t.co/jckMs158A2 for live updates. pic.twitter.com/TXp2HnOpEc
– $1200 Stimulus Is Now Worth (@BitcoinStimulus) March 10, 2021

And if you missed investing the first aid cheque in Bitcoin, the second one of $600 from the end of December would still have brought a decent return as well. If you had bought Bitcoin on 1 January at a price of around US$29,000, that US$600 investment would now be worth around US$1,160. That’s a return of 93 per cent.

A third bailout is planned because on 6 March the US Senate waved through a US$1.9 trillion stimulus package. US dollars on 6 March. In the process, 1,400 US dollars are to be paid out to every American citizen.

To achieve the same return with the third aid payment, there would have to be a very sharp rise in the bitcoin price. To achieve a 751 per cent return again, the bitcoin price would have to rise to 476,000 US dollars. To achieve a 93 per cent return, bitcoin would have to rise to US$108,000.

In the short term, many institutions believe a Bitcoin price of over 100,000 US dollars in 2021 is feasible. Earlier this year, Nikolaos Panigirtzoglou, a strategist at JPMorgan Chase, claimed that US$146,000 or more is possible for Bitcoin by the end of 2021. He believes Bitcoin will overtake gold as a hedge and long-term store of value.

According to a July 2020 survey by Grayscale Investments, the Corona pandemic has increased investor interest in Bitcoin. The firm surveyed 1000 investors aged 25-64 who had private investments of US$10,000 or more.

The survey found that the pandemic had influenced the decisions of 63 per cent of respondents who had invested in Bitcoin in the past four months.

Had they invested the first aid payment of 15 April in Ethereum, they would have made an even better return than with Bitcoin. With 7.5 Ether, which one could buy with the 1,200 US dollars at that time, the investment would now be worth 13,500 US dollars and 1025 percent more.

$ 50B torkades från Tesla efter BTC-köp – men MasterCard och Twitter ökar

Teslas aktie föll med 7% efter tillkännagivandet att det investerade 1,5 miljarder dollar av sina kassareserver i kryptovalutan.

Elbilstillverkaren Tesla har sett mer än 55 miljarder dollar

Elbilstillverkaren Tesla har sett mer än 55 miljarder dollar torkas från sitt marknadsvärde sedan de tillkännagav köpet av 1,5 miljarder dollar i Bitcoin för fyra dagar sedan – men Twitter och MasterCard har gått i andra riktningen.

Sedan Teslas tillkännagivande på måndagen har elbiljättens aktiekurs sjunkit 7% från $ 869,52 (834,6 miljarder dollar). Det handlas för närvarande till 811,66 dollar (779 miljarder dollar).

Även om det kan finnas andra faktorer bakom aktiekursfallet, är vissa investerare, som Baker Avenue Wealth Management-chefsstrateg King Lip, oroliga för att det är en onödig risk att hålla 8% av bolagets kassareserv i en volatil tillgång.

”Det kommer att öka volatiliteten i aktien på grund av exponering för Bitcoin. Detta är bättre för Bitcoin än för Tesla. ”

Tesla-aktier har varit kända för att bortse från finansanalytikerns uppfattning i allmänhet med den finansiella tidningen Barron som säger att högst 40% av analytikerna har betygsatt sina aktier som ”Köp” sedan 2018.

Den tidigare Bernstein-analytikern och Bitcoin-skeptikern Gary Black uppgav två veckor tidigare att han skulle sälja sina Tesla-aktier om de lade till Bitcoin i balansräkningen. I enlighet med sitt ord tillkännagav han sin utträde på Twitter, men tillade också att han kommer in igen.

Bara 90 minuter senare reviderade han sin förutsägelse för biltillverkarens lager till 960 dollar och släppte endast 40 dollar från den tidigare uppskattningen på 1 000 dollar. Detta fick vissa Twitter-användare att ifrågasätta om han verkligen tror på hans siffror eftersom han just hade lämnat sin position.

Sålde också mer än 150 000 aktier en dag efter Bitcoin-meddelandet

Ingår i försäljningen var Elon Musks yngre bror och Tesla-regissören Kimbal Musk, som sålde 5% av sina aktier för 25,6 miljoner dollar. En annan direktör, Antonio Gracias, sålde också mer än 150 000 aktier en dag efter Bitcoin-meddelandet, enligt värdepappersarkiv.

Trots tidpunkten finns det inga bevis för att denna försäljning är relaterad till de senaste Bitcoin-nyheterna. Och för den delen är det oklart vilken inverkan Bitcoin-köpet hade på aktiekursen, med tanke på att nyheterna också bröt denna vecka att Tesla hade kallats in av kinesiska regeringsmyndigheter för samtal om kvalitetsfrågor i sina elbilar.

Det är också klart att inte alla aktieinvesterare är Bitcoin-negativa. Socialjätten Twitters aktie ökade efter kommentarer om att företaget snart skulle kunna köpa in Bitcoin. Under en intervju på CNBC: s Squawk Box den 10 februari sa teknikföretagets ekonomichef Ned Segal att företaget överväger att lägga kryptovalutan till sina egna böcker och använda den för Twitter-anställdas löner.

Under de två dagarna efter intervjun ökade Twitter-aktien med nästan 15% från 59,88 $ till 68,56 $, bara blyg för sin rekordhöga nivå på 69 $. På samma sätt ökade MasterCard-aktien med 4% efter tillkännagivandet att det kommer att stödja flera kryptovalutor i sitt nätverk den här veckan.

Stora företag som investerar i Bitcoin kommer inte nödvändigtvis att översättas till ett mycket högre marknadsvärde: om Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, Twitter, MasterCard och Google skulle investera 8% av sina kontantreserver i Bitcoin skulle detta bara översättas till mindre än 8 USD. miljarder investeringar totalt. Det är mindre än 1% av Bitcoins nuvarande börsvärde. Men signalen den skickar skulle sannolikt få andra företag och investerare att hoppa på vagnen.

Gråtoner ejer nu 3% af al Bitcoin i omløb

Efter køb af 16.244 BTC ($ 607 millioner) den 18. januar blev Grayscale for nylig den største institutionelle køber på Bitcoin-markedet. Denne udvikling fandt sted efter en 15. januar opdatering fra firmaet, som afslørede, at Grayscales samlede aktiver under forvaltning var $ 27,1 milliarder i krypto.

Nyhederne genklang i hele det digitale aktivrum. CEO for CoinCorner var hurtig med at henlede opmærksomheden på virksomhedens aktiviteter og sagde :

Charles Edwards, grundlægger af Capriole-investeringer, fremsatte et andet vigtigt punkt. Efter BTC-købet bemærkede Edwards, at Grayscale Investments nu besidder tre procent af al Bitcoin Profit i omløb.

Edwards sagde, at fondsforvalterens beholdning vokser omkring ti procent hver måned og forudsagde, at Grayscale kunne indeholde ti procent af al Bitcoin inden for dette år selv, forudsat at virksomheden forbliver på sit nuværende spor. Han sagde yderligere :

Centraliseringen af ​​Bitcoin er flyttet fra børser til wall st. Forskellen er, dette er en envejsmodel

Derudover er investeringsselskabets AUM steget markant. Fra 14. januar erklærede Grayscale , at dets samlede aktiver under forvaltning (AUM) var værd $ 25 milliarder i krypto.

Sidste år, den 30. december, gråtoner ’s AUM var $ 19 milliarder i digitale aktiver. Den 29. december 2020 rapporterede virksomheden, at dets AUM tredobledes fra 1. november 2020, da det havde 7,6 mia. $ I aktiver under forvaltning.

Euro Pacific Capital CEO Peter Schiff har kritiseret Grayscale og endda beskyldt kapitalforvalteren for at „pumpe“ Bitcoin til investorer gennem sin betaling for reklamer på CNBC . Han hævdede endda, at Grayscale brændte „Bitcoin-boblen“.

Imidlertid tog Grayscales Barry Silbert til Twitter for at adressere Schiff’s kommentarer. Med henvisning til et nylig interview, hvor Peter Schiff beskylder mediekanalen for at være „købt og betalt for“ af firmaet, kaldte Silbert Schiff’s kommentarer en „alvorlig beskyldning.“

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